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Private Piano

Beginner through advanced lessons will develop technique and confidence with the piano and with piano repertoire  from Baroque through the Blues.  Students should have a piano or keyboard available for home practice. Call for pricing.

Group Piano

Students develop basic keyboard technique and familiarity  with the keyboard,  and rhythmic sense and learn to play in a variety of musical styles.


Games and activities  will be used to develop the fundamentals  of music; Rhythm, Theory, Melody,  and Reading.


Playing with others makes music even more fun!  All instrumentalists  and vocalists are invited to join. A performance will be the culminating event.

Piano Workshop

Piano students will gain experience playing works-in -progress to gain confidence and learn by listening to others.

Individual Coaching

An experienced performer will help you with your performance delivery, developing your confidence whether a singer or instrumentalist.  We will help you with your stage technique, breathing and focusing, and developing  good practice habits.

Tots and Tunes

Give your child a cognitive jumpstart with Mommy and me classes.  We provide a fun introduction to music through rhythm and motion, singing and art.


Our café is open in the mornings and some evenings to the public.  Afternoons,  we are open only for waiting moms and caregivers with children attending classes.